Springfield Farm Shop Farming For Generations

We Have Been Farming For Generations

Using tradional farming methods, sustainability is at the heart of our farming.

Our main focus is producing quality produce at competitive prices.

Farming For Generations

Farming is at the core of everything we do.

With knowledge gained from over 120 years of farming in East Prawle.

We rear our own livestock and grow our own produce to the highest standards.

Springfield Farm Shop

For generations, our family has been committed to producing the highest quality crops.

Springfield Farm Shop Farming For Generations

Farm Fresh Produce For Over A Century

Our family continues to grow crops using traditonal methods that boost the soil nutrition creating tasty produce.

Friendly Service | Quality Produce

Spring Field Farm Shop Specialities

Fresh Produce that has minimum transport time from Farm to Shop.

We grow a wide range of winter vegetables including cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts. Along with many other types of vegetables that are sold just minutes away in our Farm shop.

Springfield Farm Shop Farming For Generations

Local Produce With A Low Carbon Foot Print.

 As well as our own produce we provide a great selection of items from in and around Devon.

Springfield Farm Shop Fresh Produce
Springfield Farm Shop Farming For Generations
Springfield Farm Shop
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